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Tax Advice in Augsburg

Since 1993 our main area of work of our Office in Augsburg is, besides auditing/accountingtax advice.

We understand it as our main goal to fight for every Euro of yours.

We offer to be your competent partner in the following areas of tax advisory and bring our many-years-long experience to work for optimal results for you or your company.

Tax, Finance & Controlling

Especially for smaller companies it is necessary to be able to focus on their core business. Administrative tasks absorb every entrepreneur‘s and their employees‘ time - time better spent on productive tasks.

Regarding a company‘s relationship with its house bank, it is not sufficient anymore today to merely take into consideration the revenue office‘s interests. Handing in, in a timely manner, accurately prepared and informative data that is in accordance with applicable laws, reveals an entrepreneur‘s reliability and influences, among other things, the rating in connection with Basel III.

Our services include

  • the processing of payroll and financial accounting,
  • the compilation of annual account reports and
  • the compilation of tax declarations.

We assist in matters of internal auditing as well as with claims directed at revenue offices and finance courts.

We are capable of precisely adapting a company‘s financial evaluation to the management‘s information needs. The implementation of professional cost and performance management provides further tools for efficient controlling and calculations on the basis of which we are able to provide comprehensive business planning.

In the area of general accounting, our customers decide on the extent of our involvement and on the way, receipts are being handed in:

Our services range from recording pre-assigned billing data to full accounting services for billing data and receipts handed in by the customer.

We accept billing data and receipts via mail or secure internet connection.

Planning and Deciding

Entrepreneurs and private individuals alike are exposed to an ever-increasing flood of changes in law and jurisdiction. This is the basis on which decisions concerning investments and finance have to be made, whether in the acquisition of residential property or another company.

We see our main professional focus especially in structural and financial consulting as well in the realization of adequately developed concepts.

We offer the following services:

  • Support in questions of investmental and financial decision making,
  • Tax and financial consulting in the field of company acquisitions (tax and financial due dilligence audits, assessments of corporate values)
  • Company succession planning and restructuring,
  • Tax and financial consultation for business start-ups.

Ways Out of the Crisis

Changes in economical circumstances (e.g. increased competition, changes in consumer habits, changes in payment habits by customers) may lead a previously healty company to the brink of bankruptcy.

We offer the following services to deal with such situations:

  • Analysis of the cause of the crisis,
  • Development of an overall concept,
  • Compilation of realistic revenue, liquidity and financial plans for all possible future alternatives,
  • Negotiations with banks, creditors and equity investors,
  • Support for the realization of an adequate concept for recapitalization and restructuring.

Experience shows that the chances of a successful restoration of a company in crisis increase the earlier a crisis is recognized as such and adequately dealt with according to a professionally developed concept.